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Apple Varieties

We offer a wide variety of apples at Woodstock Country Orchard.   Apple varieties are in from early September through mid October. Click each type of apple for more  information about it.










Red Delicious

Golden Delicious


Crimson Crisp

Long-Term Storage

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Gala - Golden Delicious crossed with Red Delicious/Cox Orange Pippin.

    • Spicy sweet, crunchy and juicy
    • Even kids love to snack on them
    • Good keeper
    • Picking begins early September                     (Back to top)


Jonamac - Jonathan/McIntosh cross

    • Great for fresh eating and sauce
    • Smoother than a Jonathan
    • Firmer and better keeper than the McIntosh
    • Not recommended for long-term storage    (Back to top)


Honeycrisp - Macoun/Honeygold cross from the University of Minnesota

    • Explosive crisp; sweet and juicy
    • Unrivaled out-of-hand eating
    • Great for pies and sauce
    • Very good keeper
    • Ripens mid-September                                   (Back to top)


Fuji - One of the best eating apples; originating from Japan

    • Sweet, crisp and dense
    • Exceptional dessert apple
    • Great storage life
    • Ripens mid-September                                   (Back to top)


Cortland - a red sport of Cortland; a McIntosh/Ben Davis cross

    • Large, all-purpose apple with a sweet-tart flavor
    • Pure white flesh is perfect for salads
    • Delicious eating or for pies and sauce
    • Picking starts in early September                  (Back to top)


Senshu - Medium-sized Fuji cross

    • Sweet, crisp, very delicious dessert apple from Japan
    • Good keeper
    • Ready to pick in mid-September                   (Back to top)



    • Bright red apple with rich tart flavor
    • Classic for pies, cider, taffy apples and just eating
    • Not recommended for long-term storage
    • Ready to pick about mid-September              (Back to top)


Jonagold - Jonathan/Golden Delicious cross

    • Large, luscious, all-purpose apple
    • The sweetness of Golden Delicious and the tartness of Jonathan
    • Good keeper
    • Available in late September                            (Back to top)


Empire - Outstanding Red Delicious/McIntosh cross from Geneva, N.Y.                        Experimental Station

    • Sweet, firm and aromatic
    • Outstanding all-purpose apple
    • My favorite for pies; good keeper
    • Picking begins late September                        (Back to top)


Red Delicious

    • Beautiful, crisp, red apple
    • Ideal for long-term storage; the flavor improves with time
    • Ripens late September                                      (Back to top)


Golden Delicious

    • The world’s favorite all-purpose apple
    • Spicy, sweet and juicy
    • Keeps well in storage
    • Picking begins late September                        (Back to top)


Melrose - Jonathan/Red Delicious cross

    • Large, crisp and juicy
    • High quality, all-purpose apple
    • Similar to Jonathan, but larger and firmer
    • Outstanding keeping quality
    • Ripens in early October                                    (Back to top)


Crimson Crisp - Sweet and tart apple

      • Sweet and tart apple
      • High quality, all-purpose apple
      • Very good keeper
      • Makes the best caramel apples
      • Ripens in early October                            (Back to top)


    Long-Term Storage

      Use apples that are not too ripe; they continue to ripen in
      storage. Seal apple (paper picking bag and all) in a plastic bag.
      Keep in refrigerator and enjoy for months.        
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